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Friday, November 3rd, 2006
12:32 pm
hmm wow been a long time since ive written on here but hey .. cant blame me i grew up and got busy.. anyways .. im in public speaking class right now with nothing to do soo i decided ta bring this thing back to life. anywas halloween was ok .. i went out ..as a lil play boy bunny wiht my friend kayla n her man was heffner lmao . The only thing that really sucked was that i was sick so my belly was bothring me the whole damn tiem .. but eya thats that . im finally a junior and cant wait till senir project .. I get ta do the senior project of course && and its gunna have somethign to do with dance.. duh i think ya figured that one .. Yea then after all that i graduate baby .. bout time .. class of 08 bitches.. yea well im outt.. peace

current mood: thoughtful
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
7:41 pm
KInda tired .. kinda cranky.. sum what bitchy.. thats just it .. k byee

current mood: bitchy
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
11:17 am - hahah whoops
well i guess i kinda forgot to write back like i said i would .. i got caught up in to much wow .. everything is to wild .. so much has happend and if i were to tell you id killl ya so any ways my teacher is bein a bitch .. thys time ill write tonight and tell you every thing .
<3babii gurl<3

current mood: bored
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
7:20 pm - immmmm bacccccckkkk!
hey ery one i havent been writin for a while to damn busy .. the usual gettin inta trubble .. you know how we do ..
gettin high drinkin clubbin and so much more . i dont have time to wast i don wanna write either but ill be back tonight promiss
<3Lil Wun<3

current mood: drunk
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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
2:55 pm - hmmm
hey whats up .. im in school right now wait for the 415 bus cuz i gotta go to work .. lol me and becca just went into her ccd class and its real weird we listen to an old man blab off while he gives us oreos .. and talk about the pope hahah. wow This shytis really funny. aaaannnnnnyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssi dont have anything to do rite now . hmmmmmmmmmmm lets see i think i need a cheeseburger. butt i cant eat those! ill get fat .. i mean shyt look at thess thunderrrr thighs!!!! hahha nah jk hell no i aint fat what r u krazy .. any ways school sux . the usual . HMM becky called me fat ! im fat ima go on a diet now . shyt no mroe chocolate cheese cake. im out of it so im gunna go now okie dokie
buh bye for now
<3 play GurL

current mood: confused
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
9:16 pm - wow holy fuckin shyt!
Damn what a fuckin story i have to tell you. Today i got home from schoola nd went to work then i went to gmas and ended up chillen. But any ways that isnt the point so yea i was gettin ready to have a cig and i gave zach the box so he could take some so he did... then kenny grabbed the box and wouldnt give them back and i almost lkillled ery one i flipped . Princess was late to come to chill wit kenny so kenny flipped and then they faught about a whole bunch of other shyt .. usual hha so they went to kennys house he trew all her stuff to road and she put it in ehr car then she like have fun with "...." and he wnet crazy say what you say hugh ?? who told u that and he flipped he walked away and ran and jummpe both feet on her car and yelled and swore so loud it was crazy he went over to billy and kick dropped him to the pave ment and yelled at him and shyt and threatned to kill eryone if he didn find out who sed stuff about him and "..." and ways then cop car came and then another and another it was likw dammmmmn me and hannah and steff were like na shyt cant be questioned pluss hannah was stoned and had just gotton off probation so she definatly couldnt get caught or it wouldnt be good. my ankel was already fucked up so it hurt to run but i sed fuck it i need to so we halled ass across the feild threw boy scouts who were like whut the fuck hahah we ran them over. and went to tho donut shop and so much just went crazy it was great never seen sumthin so damn dramatic . yea so then zach hannah and billy left so it was me steph and lil zach and then steff left cuz thesse girls were bein dumb not mindin ther business through the whlo kenny situation and so we bitched and shyt and of course they pussied out .. even though they like fuckin 20 hahah waow so grown up right .. na i got to go get mah shyt so got it and i told my sis how kenny took mah cigs and she went to his house n got them back lol i was like whut the hell when she jumped out of the truck . insane) then ic ame home n now im witin you so yea work sucked my anlkles fucked i got mah cigs and im leavin ..
good bye
oh yea me and hannah are finally cool now!

current mood: shocked
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
10:24 pm - ooooooooooook
so, i made dannie this wonderful journal, and im writing her firs entry for her so she can see how it looks. write everything in here!


current mood: cheerful
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